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What Are the Main Features of Poker Training Sites

Poker Training sites first came to fruition around 2006, when Taylor Caby and Andrew Wiggins started Cardrunners as a side project to help teach their friends how to make easy money playing poker. Their membership soared within a short space of time and within 2 years there were up to 10 such sites available to choose from on the internet. Some of these sites are better than others but most of them offer the following features which make it worth the money to join.


Training Videos

This is without doubt the main feature of every poker training site. Most sites have a stable of well known on line poker professionals who give us their insight into how to beat the games today. Some of the training sites have better instructors than others, but most have solid players who will help improve aspects of most member’s poker game.



An underrated feature are the main instructors featured blogs. It offers an insight into the lives of professional poker players. It is something that all aspiring poker players like to read about and the blogs can offer interesting poker strategies and motivational posts which encourage poker players to look for ways to improve their game. Also everyone just loves reading about the ‘baller’ lifestyle of the young pro’s and felt a slight bit of envy to the fun filled lives they live.



All poker training sites offer forums where members can help grow their game by posting hand histories and looking for constructive replies by players who are better than your current standard. This is a great tool to improve your game, and if you are finding yourself in a downswing it is often comforting to get reassurances from your peers that you are playing hands correctly and not spewing



A lot of the bigger sites offer regularly released podcasts. Some of these podcasts contain strategy advice and some contain interviews with up and coming poker players which can be both educational and inspiring to hear.

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